40th Mardi Gras Parade, Sydney


ABsolutely fabulous at 40.

With the 40th Anniversary of Mardi Gras and with the passing of Marriage Equality into law, this year's parade was definitely special (oh, did I mention Cher's apparition in the parade as well?) We knew we couldn't miss this event. 

Having realised that fact a little too late, we weren't able to secure tickets to the parade grounds in Taylor Square. I resigned to accept the idea that we were going to have to buy those 10 dollar crates / stools sold premium along Oxford Street just to see the parade. Not big on crowds, but I prepared mentally nonetheless. 

Thank goodness a friend secured us a spot in his friend's balcony party that has a great Oxford view. It was definitely a party - we were viewing the parade from the balcony, then head inside to watch the coverage to take a break from the chilly wind.

While in the balcony, one can totally feel the energy and good vibes everyone was exuding. The joy, happiness, and unity felt super tangible.

My view is but a snippet of how fun and happy the evening was. Just check out the snaps and stories in Instagram and see how amazing it was.

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