From Digital to Print: "Thy Will Be Done", March 2010

Frame of "Thy Will Be Done",
March 2010, Manila, Philippines

Seeing my photos poster size

I've been meaning to start framing my photos and actually see it hang in a wall (where else but in our apartment?)

In the past, I would only print small-size pictures for clients, and the biggest one I did was a birthday gift of the framed photo of a Space Dish in Tidbinbilla in the ACT I took a couple of years back. After that print, I wanted to do more and eventually get one for our apartment.

So this was the first choice - a photo I took eight years ago (it was also March, to be exact), back when I was still living in the Philippines.


Thy Will Be done

I titled this piece "Thy Will Be Done", and has since been one of my most favourite snaps. It was one of those sleepless nights where I decided to play around with my then new hobby, photography. I wanted to try long exposures, and this was one of the outputs.

Armed with a torch, a wooden crucifix, and my Canon 400D, I got this. There are two details that I especially love in this photo - the swoosh of light on the right side of the photograph, and that red flare on the lower left side which kind of reminds me of the holy blood. It reminded me of the Jesus' Seven Last Words - hence the title of the piece. Seeing this photo blown up & hang like this made me reminisce of those creative nights!


Printing and Framing

Around the corner from our place in Zetland there's a super cool services called "Creative Frames and Mirrors". Worried that the photo was not big enough for an A0 printing, I consulted with them and arranged for a printing and framing. Expecting at least two weeks of turnaround, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to get an email from them that my print was ready after 5 days! Rushed after work Friday afternoon to make it to their 5PM closing time just to get it (I know they open on Saturdays but I couldn't wait, hehe).

Here's a photo of the new poster on its new home in our living room, with its feline art guard. Pretty happy with the results! Thank you to the team in Creative Frames and Mirrors for the job well done!


Potential for more Prints

Interested in this piece? Come chat with me or drop me a message and we'll arrange how. :) 

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