Mitch in Alexandria, Sydney

Model: Mitch M.
Location: Alexandria, Sydney
Date: December 2017


Ending 2017 with an inspiring shoot

There is this auto shop at the corner of Fountain and Mitchell streets in Sydney's Alexandria that always caught my attention every time we drove passed it.

It had bright green walls and fantastic text and paint work. I knew I wanted to do a shoot there.

By the time I started my Christmas break leave, I promised myself to squeeze in one final shoot before the year ends - reconnecting with Mitch Michaels whom I've discussed a couple of times to have a shoot but never got to schedule anything due to timing conflict. Was super stoked to have our schedules finally matched!

Our shoot started in the auto shop, took shots there to warm up and we started walking back to Green Square way. We got inspired to photograph in the alleyways, eventually finding ourselves behind a cafe with a very interesting staircase.

All in just less than two hours! Saturday morning well spent, I'd say.

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